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Angela Jones Wild Swim Specialist

Qualified and Insured to the highest level , I have been a Wild Wye Swimmer for over 30 years . I average over 30+ hours a weeks . From guided swims to wild swim workshops, one-to-ones, groups, weekends and short breaks on the Wye and beyond. Swimming in the River Wye runs through my veins! I can be seen in the Wye every day all year, all seasons (except in flood). My passion is above and below the water; encouraging others to Share  and gain confidence and knowledge through this magical River  .Ive been a long campaigner on Protecting our beautiful Wye and Beyond from pollution , writing several Articles and appearing on many TV  Programs to include  Panorama  (April 2021).  Also Recognised by The Guardian in 2021 as a Top Adventure Day .

Wild  swimming and  Wildlife go hand in hand. The diversity of the Wye is second to none.

Why Use an Open Water Specialist?  

My real passion has always been ‘life without lanes in the Wye ‘. I love introducing beginners/ experienced swimmers to the joy of the Wye and Open water just as much as working with stroke technique, river reading, stamina ,mindset and wellbeing.

Embrace, Enjoy, Respect, Protect  gives  you the capability and knowledge to swim safely and go forward in your own goals on the Wild side .

Open water swimming offers huge benefits to mental health and wellbeing:

– Better sleep
– Improved circulation
– Provides a natural high
– Increases your metabolism
– Boosts your immune system
– Enhances happiness
– Is good for your skin


Open water swimming is one of the fastest growing sports in the country  increasing by 325% through lockdown in 2020 and as a wild swim specialist for over 30 years I am passionate about promoting safety and respect around the water.

I work closely with adults and juniors promoting water safety and awareness which is paramount before going onto the next stages. I want to give people the knowledge to know when and where it is safe to swim. This has lead me to write a book about the complexity and diversity of wild swimming on the Wye.

Equipment hire/purchase

Swim Wild can provide wetsuits, tow floats, hats and googles.water shoe and changing robes to ensure comfort and safety are paramount to your wild swim experience. Or swim on the wild side!

My passion for the water extends to protecting the environment and also enjoy it. Encouraging people to open their minds to nature and broaden their minds on the beauty it holds.

individual  sessions from £35 families fr £55

vouchers available from £35

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