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Running Wild

Running in the wild outdoors is so much fun and exhilarating, The Wye valley area is blessed with the most beautiful terrain, miles upon miles of fantastic trails spectacular wooded valleys, along the wondrous river Wye and onto stunning hills and rock formations.

I work specifically on the fundamentals of running correctly which is all about technique, this can be taught and adapted to the individual needs and body mechanics of the person. Without this we are prone to injury and breaking down which you will always witness first hand or hear of in runners. As with everyone, we all have weaknesses and strengths and need to be taught the correct technique and strengthening exercises to have longevity and pleasure in running. This I’m a strong believer in and practice what I preach with a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and international experiences.

Why not come and explore the benefits that this type of session can offer you as an individual or group physically and mentally – strong body = strong mind. Working with adults and children to establish lifetime corrective skills. All abilities catered for.

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