Outdoor Fitness & Adventure

Wild Swimming on The Wye

Based at Symonds Yat West, Ye Old Ferrie Inn & The Old Court hotel  , covering 15 locations and over 86 miles along this Beautiful River Wye, and River USK . Suitable for all Abilities & Ages


Why not come join me and water team on one of the many regular small events with swimwildwye;

  • Introduction to wild swimming ,
  • Ice swimming,
  • Night Swimming
  • Distance  Swims 1k to 15k
  • Wye wild life & Wild swimming
  •  SwimSafe, Rescue, Recovery & First Aid with certificate
  • Channel swimming Workshop
  • Intro to Wye free Dive & Breath control
  • Tia Chi, Breath control, cold dip

All available to  Groups, individuals & Families .


  • water safety & acclimatisation
  •  technique and strengthening with stroke adaptation for River
  • reading river conditions
  • confidence building
  • Essential equipment guide
  • Dip, distance, swimming against current
  • Learning and practising the Huge benefits to health and well-being

Specialising in swimming the River Wye for over 30 years, I’m highly qualified and fully insured,  covering over 86 miles of the Wye from different locations.

Why Not Join me and Experience the benefits of open water swimming while  improving stroke, stamina and Confidence.  Try a swim on the Wild side?

Book as an individual /group  or join one of the many small  SwimWildWye events with me and my  friendly experienced team.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and I’d be happy to tailor a suitable session.

Book for Hourly/half/full days & Weekends:

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Vouchers available from £35


Telephone 07811 482832