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Environment – Respect and Protect

Nature – and in this case, the rivers – have been, and continue to be, incredibly supportive to our mental and physical health, please let us return that compliment and take care of their health too.

I have been a wild swimmer for over 30 years.  The Wye is my office and playground, and possibly my best friend.  I respect that office, adore that playground and cherish that best friend.  For me the environment and wildlife go hand in hand.  Wild swimming is promoted as being good for us – but what about the wonderful rivers we swim in?  We should first and foremost prioritise protecting and respecting this ecological biodiversity which is home to so many species – the very things that are generously enabling our relaxation and recreation and improving our mental and physical health.

BBC Panorama April 12th 2021 ” Taking on Welsh Water with my evidence of pumping Raw sewage into our rivers” https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000vk71/panorama-the-river-pollution-scandal

MP Pledges Plastic free rivers after wild swimming the Wye with Angela Jones : https://www.david-davies.org.uk/news/plastic-free-rivers-pledge-after-wild-swimming-wye

The demise of the River Wye – Writes The Wild Woman of the Wye Angela Jones: https://yourherefordshire.co.uk/all/featured-articles/opinion-the-demise-of-the-river-wye-writes-the-wild-woman-of-the-wye/