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Environment – Respect and Protect

Nature – and in this case, the rivers – have been, and continue to be, incredibly supportive to our mental and physical health, please let us return that compliment and take care of their health too.

I have been a wild swimmer for over 30 years.  The Wye is my office and playground, and possibly my best friend.  I respect that office, adore that playground and cherish that best friend.  For me the environment and wildlife go hand in hand.  Wild swimming is promoted as being good for us – but what about the wonderful rivers we swim in?  We should first and foremost prioritise protecting and respecting this ecological biodiversity which is home to so many species – the very things that are generously enabling our relaxation and recreation and improving our mental and physical health.


MP Pledges Plastic free rivers after wild swimming the Wye with Angela Jones : https://www.david-davies.org.uk/news/plastic-free-rivers-pledge-after-wild-swimming-wye

The demise of the River Wye – Writes The Wild Woman of the Wye Angela Jones: https://yourherefordshire.co.uk/all/featured-articles/opinion-the-demise-of-the-river-wye-writes-the-wild-woman-of-the-wye/