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Runner looks back on fantastic year

Top runner Angela Jones is celebrating the end of another fantastic year. Angela, aged 50, a member of the Usk Runners group, has had a superb 12 months, positing 1excellent results throughout the year.

The pinnacle came at the Cyprus International 4-day Challenge, a gruelling series of events.

The first day begins with a 6k flat run, then an 11k mountain run on day two. Competitors are then put through a challenging uphill half marathon before finishing the challenge with a 10k harbour run on the fourth day.

Angela was able to knock nine minutes and 27 seconds off her previous year’s time, leading her to finish second overall out of a total of 300 competitors. This included an individual win in the uphill race as well as winning her personal category by a comfortable 30 minutes.

Her excellent performance caught the eye of the tournament organisers who have given Angela free travel to the next event which is later in the year. In addition, Angela has managed to complete 45 races in the past 12 months and shows no sign of stopping.

Along with her seven-year-old dog, Jack, Angela trains rigorously along the picturesque River Wye, which includes kayaking open water swimming and trail running to put her in peak condition for her big races.

And her hard work has paid off, Angela won numerous events throughout 2016 and posted personal bests. However; the personal fitness instructor wants to use this as motivation for next year and has no plans to give up while on top.

Jones commented: “Age is just a number if you keep yourself fit.”