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Birthday Kayak & Wild Swim

I spent my birthday with this amazing woman, Angela Jones, known here as The Wild Swimming Girl, and her wonder dog, Jack. We kayaked down a portion of the Wye River, paddling with multitudes of swans, watching a Kingfisher dive for food, ducks splashing about, egrets, herons and cormorants flying about, pheasants scurrying among the underbrush and fisherman under giant olive drab umbrellas fishing for salmon. The pouring rain soaked us through and never dampened our spirits. The best birthday ever!

I am sooooo grateful for the technique you taught me for walking downhill! I have been hiking in the mountains of California for the past two days, about a total of twenty miles. My knees do not hurt AT ALL! My quads are a bit exhausted and my glutes are feeling well worked. My knees feel fabulous! Thank you