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After many customer requests we are now able to offer you Run-Wild merchandise.

High quality products endorsed by Angela Jones to complement your training sessions.

To get your hands on these, please contact Angela on 07811 482832 or email angela@run-wild.co.uk

Run Wild Gift Voucher

Give a friend or family member the chance to have a training session with Angela with our gift vouchers. Vouchers last for 12 months and can be used against any activity or event by run wild.

Vouchers available starting from £35

Swim Hats

Run-Wild design on high quality silicone swimming hats, more durable than latex. Ideal for open water swimming and pool swimming. Thickness 5mm.


Run Wild Massage Stick

Run-Wild Massage stick targets specific areas of the body to relieve muscle pains, joint pressure & improve circulation.


Run Wild Running Belt

Run-Wild hydration Running Belt – NOSIVA Durable Waterproof Race Belt Bag with Two 300ml Water Bottles.


Run Wild T-shirt

Run-Wild Athletic fitted T-shirt. Ideal To complement your Run-wild sessions. Top quality Reebok, and  under armour t-shirts and long sleeve male and female .

Sizes S,M other sizes available on request.

Run Wild Stretch Bands

Run Wild Resistance bands can effectively improve muscle strength, physical activity ability and flexibility, available in 4 different strengths.


Run Wild Medicine Balls

Ideal for strengthening, toning and injury rehab. Available in 2, 3 and 5KG weights.

Run Wild T-Shirts

Run Wild Back Packs

Run Wild Gilet