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I love to swim! Being in the water is second nature and open water swimming is a real passion of mine. Swimming in the Wye runs through my veins! and I can regularly be seen swimming all year around.

Given the choice I’d rather swim wild, in a river or lake, than in the confines of a pool. I recognise though that this isn’t familiar territory for a lot of people so I teach in a private pool (or, if you’re lucky enough to have access to one, I’m happy to visit you at your pool).

I’ve been a competitive swimmer for 35 years but that doesn’t mean I focus on competition coaching. I love helping beginners experience the joy of gaining confidence and capability in the water just as much as working with stroke technique for experienced swimmers.

I have been a qualified swimming teacher for 25 years and an Aqua Running aerobics teacher for 21 years.

I teach swimming for all ages and abilities in the Wye Valley – where I will encourage you to at least try a swim on the wild side!

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    Angela Jones
    Angela Jones3 days ago
    Imagine the suprise when Emma Skipp turned up for running training on canal tonight and kayaks awaited ! As usual you took on the challenge and did amazingly ! And after straight into a run awesome x