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What could be better than exploring a river or canal in my stable design of kayak and getting a fantastic work-out at the same time!
I coach clients of all ages, from beginner to intermediate, in the wonderful environments of still-water canals and the majestic Wye river.

Kayaking is great non load-bearing exercise and far from just working the arms and shoulders it is terrific for abdominal and core strength – and it is FUN!

Fitness for the future, whether you're 8 or 80 years old.

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    Please join me @angelajoness www.run-wild.co.uk

    Angela Jones www.run-wild.co.uk

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    Angela Jones
    Angela Jones3 days ago
    Imagine the suprise when Emma Skipp turned up for running training on canal tonight and kayaks awaited ! As usual you took on the challenge and did amazingly ! And after straight into a run awesome x