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About Me

My name is Angela Jones and I am a sports coach-teacher specialising in running, swimming and kayaking and the underlying strengthening and technique required to learn, improve and excel in these activities.

I’m a qualified and highly experienced trainer who can practice what she preaches having competed at the highest level and represented Wales in international competition. I can also bring in other qualified professionals if needed. I’m an independent traveller through far-flung places and the wild parts of the UK incorporating my adventurous sports.

I work with all ages and abilities to help my clients achieve their sports objectives, whatever level they seek to attain. Age is no barrier and you can introduce fitness into your life at any time. Being a mature athlete of fifty, I believe nothing is unattainable.

Holding many international titles at senior level & category in triathlon & running, to include gold in world G.B category Team mountain 2015

My Philosophy

I believe that bringing the elements of fun into fitness is the only way to enjoyment – and enjoyment is essential if the fitness “habit” is going to take root.

Part of this is making use of our wonderful countryside and the spectacular Wye Valley. Stunning forest, beautiful rock formations, miles of trail, plenty of wildlife and of course the wondrous Wye itself with its clear waters and endless beauty. The Valley is the most amazing venue for exciting adventures in fitness and training.

The variety of terrain makes the local area ideal for all ages and abilities whether they be beginners who just want to experience outdoor fitness or those at advanced level who are working to individual goals with an emphasis on strengthening and technique.

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    Angela Jones
    Angela Jones3 days ago
    Imagine the suprise when Emma Skipp turned up for running training on canal tonight and kayaks awaited ! As usual you took on the challenge and did amazingly ! And after straight into a run awesome x